Personal Training Residential course

Cost: £6195

This course will qualify you as a  Level 3 Personal Trainer.  The cost of the course is high because course delivery in a very intensive format on a residential basis.   

What are the main benefits of choosing EIF?

  • High quality of teaching
  • Immersed in fitness learning throughout 4 week course
  • Career support after graduation
  • Residential course
  • Largely practical and hands-on 

What are the financing and repayment options like?

This Personal Trainer course is only available on a self funding basis though ELCAS funding for MoD Personnel may be possible

Format of Course

 The format of the course depends on whether you choose to study residential or by online home study.

  • Residential Fast-Track: Duration is ~4 weeks
  • Online Home Study: 10 weeks Home-Study with 2 Week Intensive (Practical)

Full or Part time?

  See formats above

Endorsed by REPs and CIMSPA

  Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer course is recognised by REPs and CIMSPA 

How long to qualify?

 It will usually take around 2-3 months to qualify as a level 3 personal trainer with EIF 

Is there a Level 2 option?

  This course is only studied as a full Level 3 PT Diploma

Study a Level 3 course only

The PT course content covers the full Level 3 Diploma so any previous units achieved would be worth mentioning upon enrollment

Level 4 course

Students can progress onto Level 4 once they have qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer