Starting out as a Personal Trainer

Apply for personal training jobs or become a freelance personal trainer


  Once you have passed your exam and qualified as a Personal Trainer, you will need to take your time to decide which type of gym and environment you would like to work in.

  • A personal trainer employed by a gym or fitness centre
  • A freelance personal trainer

Set up your personal brand and market yourself (marketing plan checklist)


 As a personal trainer, turn yourself into a brand to increase your exposure and stand out from the crowd. Create these:

  • Social Media: Facebook Business, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram pages. SHARE THEM!
  • Professional LinkedIn profile
  • A website to promote your services 
  • A blog to engage your audience with knowledge and professional advice.
  • Entries onto Personal Trainer registers (REPs, CIMSPA, NRPT)

Get ready for your first client and enroll on CPD courses



This can be a really exciting time as you will finally see the fruits of your efforts being rewarded, and most importantly embarking on a career which is fulfilling and most importantly enjoyable!

Continually increase your knowledge of health and fitness and broaden your qualifications by going back to a training provider and completing CPD courses (continued professional development).

Most UK companies that offer personal qualification courses also provide CPD courses, allowing you to add-on and tailor your qualification with add-on courses, after you have qualified as a personal trainer.

Why would I want to become a personal trainer?


Here are some top reasons that would persuade anyone to begin or change their career and become a personal trainer!

  1. Being a personal trainer, you have the opportunity to meet and work with and build new relationships with different people every day.
  2. You change people’s lives for the better, making a career in personal training an extremely rewarding and satisfying job!
  3. The opportunity to teach like-minded people and become a role model to your clients – inspiring others to follow a healthy living lifestyle
  4. Work on your own terms, work when you want to, be your own boss, control your own salary
  5. Become part of an exciting, thriving and rapidly growing industry – and the job security that can come with it
  6. Be part of a growing demand for high quality personal trainers in the UK
  7. Being a PT is a dynamic, fast-paced job – You don’t spend your whole career living inside an office! Personal training can provide adventure and unexpected opportunities, not many jobs offer this.

Have I got what it takes to become a personal trainer?


To be a successful personal trainer, you will need to have a wide range of skills and abilities to really thrive in the fitness industry.
It’s great to be able to stand out from crowd!
Unfortunately, not everyone is cut for this type of job.
The top 10 skills you will need to become a successful Personal Trainer include:

  1. Good time management
  2. Determination and a drive to help others and build your client base
  3. Plenty of patience
  4. A positive mental attitude
  5. Good marketing skills
  6. Good social skills – being able to work with different people, often in 1 to 1 situations
  7. Passion in fitness, physiology and body function
  8. Strong underlying knowledge of health and fitness
  9. Good business skills allowing you to grow and maintain your client base
  10. Enthusiasm and willingness to learn

Many of these skills/qualities can be learnt with the right guidance and support


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